Totem Animal Qualities

color wheel

Each sign has a totem particular, the various kingdoms, sharing their characteristics with those people born during this period. Knowing their totems, you will learn more about your nature, at the same time learn more about your other relationships on Earth. We have a responsibility to our totems, giving them respect, love and gratitude for lessons learned and the energies that contribute to the preservation of our Mother Earth. The list below provides the totems of animal, plant and mineral kingdom, the guardian spirit and the color associated with each one, the animal totem family that help each sign belongs.

Animal Qualities and Information:

Alligator/Crocodile: Initiation, maternal protection, patience, understanding weather, access to ancient knowledge.

Armadillo: Empathy, discrimination, understanding personal boundaries, respecting boundaries, self-protection, understanding personal vulnerabilities.

Badger: Passion, cunning, control, perseverance, grounding, spiritual protection, Earth magic, revenge, self-expression, aggressiveness, single-mindedness, keeper of stories.

Bat: Initiation, transition, camouflage, invisibility, viewing past lives, understanding grief.

Bats: Ill omen and often sign of death (Bat best personifies keen vision and the ability to navigate through difficult circumstances).

Bear: Healing, Inner Knowledge, Power.

Native Americans regard the black bear as the guardian of the West which makes the bear an excellent token or the western point of your altar.

Honey Bear: Symbolic of sweetness and truth.

Beaver: Builder, Protector.

Buffalo/Bison:  Survival, strength, courage, challenge, hospitality, generosity, knowledge, abundance, feminine courage, creativity.

Butterfly: Magic, reincarnation, transformation, transmutation.

Cat: Independence (Cat was an object of worship in Egypt, Rome and Persia. Artemis sometimes took the form of a cat. The cat was adopted as a popular amuletic symbol to protect travelers on dangerous journeys. Cats became potent amulets for sailors and travelers because they always landed on their feet unharmed. Cats can also walk through a magic circle without doing harm or breaking the circle).

Cheetah: Self-esteem, short-term focus, speed, elusiveness, accelerating time.

Coyote: Intelligence, shape-shifting, child rearing, illumination, stealth, balance, spiritual clarity

Crow/Rook: Honoring ancestors, shape shifting, guidance in shadow work, moving through space and time.

Deer: Physical Pacing, Body Awareness, Gentleness, Caring and Kindness.

Dingo: Loyalty, companionship, finding the truth, protection, intuition.

Dolphin: Psychic Abilities, Initiators.

Apollo: Strongly affiliated with dolphins, being able to take their shape. It was in this form, called Apollo Delphinos, that he founded the Delphic Oracle (Dolphins emblemizes the breath of life, helpfulness and the purity of joyful play. It is the child in each of us, leaping to be free).

Dragonfly: Dream interpretation, breaking down illusions, seeing the truth, change, speed.

Duck: Water magic, grace on water, clarity despite emotions.

Eagle: Wisdom, High Ideals, Spiritual Philosophy.

Elephant: Royalty, ancient wisdom, education, removing obstacles, strength, patience, confidence.

Elk: Strength, Agility.

Fox: Elusiveness, Agility, Cleverness (In Western Cultures the fox is regarded as a trickster, while Eastern cultures and Native Americans see them as shape shifters filled with supernatural power. The fox is crafty, quiet and skillful).

Frog: Cleansing, transformation, rebirth, understanding emotions.

Giraffe: Intuition, communication, seeing into the future.

Goat: Agility, independence, sure-footedness, abundance, removing guilty feelings.

Goose: Happiness, assistance in healing, soul guidance.

Hawk: Perception, Focus, Protection.

Heron: Intuition, Organization.

Hippopotamus:  Maternal protection, aggression, birth of new ideas, moving gracefully through emotions.

Horse: Stability, Courage, Stamina, Mobility.

Hummingbird: Healing, endurance, happiness, love.

Jaguar: Shamanic wisdom, Focused Power.

Lion: Strength, courage, energy, self fulfillment, strengthening family ties.

Lizard: Facing fears, lucid dreaming, astral travel, Ego (detaching from), regeneration.

Lynx: Keeping Secrets, Guardianship, Guidance.

Mole: Connecting with Earth energies, knowledge of plants and herbs, introspection, sensitivity to touch and vibration, understanding the fluctuation of energy.

Mountain Lion: Strength, Elusiveness.

Mouse: Innocence, Faith, Trust.

Opossum: Sensibility, deception, recovery, gaining wisdom, guidance in uncovering hidden talent, appearances (use of).

Otter: Psychic awareness, women’s healing, faithfulness, playfulness, sensibility.

Owl: Symbolic Wisdom, Shadow Work, Deception, Clairvoyance, Insight (the night eagle)

Ox: Strength.

Panther: Protection.

Pelican: Controlling ego, recovering from loss, emotional stability, perseverance.

Porcupine: Innocence, protection of boundaries, defense, noninterference, creating a personal path, trust in Spirit.

Praying Mantis/Walking Stick: Female warrior energy, strategy, time manipulation, stillness.

Rabbit: Faith, Nurturance, Humility (Rabbit’s foot is considered very lucky, perhaps because the rabbit can hop so quickly away from danger).

Raccoon: Disguise, dexterity, curiosity, seeking guidance and confidence.

Raven: Inner Journeys, Dreams, Introspection, Courage, and Self-knowledge.

Sheep (ram/ewe): Fertility, new beginnings, maintaining balance, abundance, assurance.

Skunk: Sensuality, courage, self-respect, willpower, self-confidence, reputation, self-knowledge.

Snake/Serpent: Transmutation, elusiveness, manipulating lightning, exploring the Mysteries of life, elemental energy, Goddess energy, psychic energy, Immortality, the magic cord which links shamans to the spirit world, protection from religious persecution, creative power.

Spider: Creativity, wisdom, shape shifting, female energy, divine inspiration, weaver of the web of fate.

Squirrel: Resourcefulness, solving puzzles, balance, warning, discovery, change, preparing for the future.

Swan: Dreams (Sister Swan is used as a guide into dreamtime).

Tiger: Power, energy, strength, willpower, instinctive action, punctuality.

Turtle/Tortoise: Symbol of the earth, patience, feminine energy, women’s healing, self-boundaries, connection with the center, navigation, psychic protection, nonviolent defense, self-reliance, tenacity, developing new ideas, respecting boundaries.

Vulture/Condor/Buzzard: Prophecy, purification, death and rebirth, love of Mother Goddess.

Weasel (Ferret): Strength, Energy, Ingenuity, Stealth

Whale (orca): Astral travel, healing, seeing the unseen (Alaskans consider the orca the guardian of the sea).

Wolf: Loyalty, Perseverance, Success, Earth Wisdom, Protection.

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